5 Random Writing Tips.

1. If you are editing your own writing (for instance, a short story), print it out and go through it line by line using a red pen. You would be surprised at the number of errors that you would come across in the process.


2. A writing journal is essential; think of it as your idea dump. No idea that you have is irrelevant; you will have use for it someday. I’m currently on my 9th journal.


3. Google is your friend when it comes to writing. Whether you want to learn how to write a story or the definition of a word, the answers are literally at your fingertips.


4. A book that I would recommend for anyone who is interested in writing is ‘Writing Tools: 50 Essential Strategies for Every Writer’ by Roy Peter Clark. It is useful for Writers of both fiction and nonfiction.


5. Write for yourself first, then imagine someone else reading the piece, and finally make modifications as required.


Written by

Ivie M. Eke 2019


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