10 RECENT LESSONS WHICH I HAVE LEARNED IN 2023 People will often dislike you for no obvious reason. You could try your best to get on their ‘good side’, but ultimately, you have to step back, accept this fact and get on with your life. You have to be a persistent person when it comes... Continue Reading →

#Repost Series: Short Story-Christmas at the Johnsons.

‘I will leave this man when we return from visiting his family’. I made this decision as my husband drove us along Ozumba Mbadiwe to his father’smansion in Lekki that humid Friday evening. The journey from our home in Surulere hadbeen sluggish due to the expected Lagos traffic hold-up, but it looked like we wouldarrive... Continue Reading →

#Repost Series: Short Story-Bridal Shower

Short Story: Bridal Shower. ‘Did you hear what I said?’ Asandia ignored me as she continued to reapply her lipstick, staring intently at her reflection in the mirror. Her sleek ponytail emphasized her slanted eyes, and her halter-neck floaty dress suited her dark complexion. ‘Asandia’ I started to speak again but she shushed me. ‘I... Continue Reading →

#Repost Series: Short Story-Airport.

I have never liked airports. I don’t mind flying because I am able to fall asleep on even the shortest flights,but I generally loathe airports with their queues and the touts and the neverending wait for your luggage… And now this gut-wrenching disappointment. I adjusted the phone which I cradled between my left shoulder and... Continue Reading →

#Repost Series: Short Story: Baby Fever.

Emotan did not like her Father very much.He was loud, brash and petulant, only showing more than a perfunctory interest in her when she brought home good grades from school; what he called the ‘fruits of his labour’.Emotan’s mother was a beautiful paradox: outspoken in one breath, and her Father’s pushover in the next breath.Emotan... Continue Reading →

#Repost Series: Short Story-Inter-House Sports Day.

I stood in lane eight, barefoot, wearing an ill-fitting sports outfit which had beenhastily provided for me by my House Mistress. ‘On your marks!’ The Games Master bellowed, almost deafening me as he wasstanding not too far from me. He was holding a microphone; why did the manhave to shout? I heard the hush of... Continue Reading →

(A few of my) personal affirmations

I am an artist. I am beautiful. I am smart. I am unique. I am sensitive. I am sensible. I am different. I am creative. I am clever. I am intuitive. I am a quick thinker. I am a problem solver. I am God's precious child. I am funny. I am lovely. I am lovable.... Continue Reading →

Some self-publishing tips

Trust your creative history and instincts. I started this writing journey by writing short posts on Facebook in September 2015. I didn't have a plan at the time; I just had insight on some situations that had occurred in my life which I wanted to share. The feedback was amazing, and it encouraged me to... Continue Reading →

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