I ‘see’ you.

I've been wearing glasses regularly since 2014. I am short-sighted, a fact which became quite obvious when I was often accosted on the corridor by people at a previous job saying that they had waved at me but I hadn't acknowledged them (or, in classic Nigerian words, I had 'snubbed' them). I had really wanted... Continue Reading →


I live my life like it's mine. I make choices trying to satisfy My vision of how to fly In the face of adversity, How to cry When I can no longer Hold it in. Circumstances beckon, Derailing planned paths. I reckon I can only Leave things to God's plan. I would love to be... Continue Reading →

Writing A Story: My Current Process.

  Once in a while, I like to give some insight on what my writing journey looks like. Let me tell you my current story-writing process: 1. Come up with a general idea for a story by digging deep into my brain with a flashlight and staring into space. This could take a day or... Continue Reading →


I am more than one thing, More than a woman Like that Aaliyah's song sings. More than a pretty, solemn face. More than the sum of my heartaches. _____________________ I am more than society says I should be. More than the ground On which you try to trample me. _____________________ The sun rests at my... Continue Reading →

Dark Night.

  It was dark that night. I thought you might Want to have me In your sights. _____________________ But you decided (again) To have a 'slight change of plans', and We had a fight. I took flight. _____________________ Despite your weak entreaties, I took delight In the solitude of one, once again denied. _____________________ It... Continue Reading →

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