Lessons Learned: Relationship Edition (2)

Ignore those who try to make you feel bad because you are yet to be married. If you succumb to pressure and make a poor choice in a partner, you would have to deal with the consequences and those people would be nowhere to be found.Feeling lonely whilst in a relationship is the worst.Exercise wisdom;... Continue Reading →

I Love Books: ‘Fine Boys’ by Eghosa Imasuen.

5 Reasons to read 'Fine Boys' by Eghosa Imasuen: -It was one of the first books I read on the Okadabooks app years ago and I kept thinking about the story for years. I re-read it during the festive season and I wasn't disappointed. -It's a story about Ewaen, a young man from Benin City,... Continue Reading →


Creativity is what you do In the spaces between doing What is neccessary- Getting an education Learning a skill, Getting a job, Building nerves of steel. Creativity is proof Of your light, It is evidence that You are alive. Creativity is joy. It is making everything Out of nothing. Ivie M. Eke 2021.

I don’t think so.

I would have walked a mileFor your smile. I confused lustFor sacred trust. Do I think about you?Almost never… Unless I suddenly feelThe urge to remember- The surrender to defeat,The thunder and the heat, The joy that was fleeting,The words full of nothing. There's nothing newsworthyIn those memories Like a houseWith floors made of hot... Continue Reading →

#Throwbackthursday: Class Trip.

For #Throwbackthursday, here's the ID badge-with this stunning photo 😀- from when I went on a class trip to the UK House of Lords as a Postgraduate student at Coventry University in November 2008. We also attended a lecture at the London School of Economics, which is my idea of a fun day 😶 I... Continue Reading →

3 Things (3).

1.Before now, it was the case that once there's a power cut in my area (#Nigeria), generators would be switched on instantly and their melodic sounds would assault those far and near. Now…there is almost always absolute silence. We're just chilling in the darkness, being fed up. 2021 🤝🏾 constant power failure in Nigeria. 2. I've... Continue Reading →

3 Things (1)

Thank you for all the kind messages and prayers on my Mum's one year remembrance. I appreciate them all.In this mourning period, there has been clarity on certain issues: for every hurt and unkindness, I have experienced love, generosity and thoughtfulness.For unknown reasons, whilst I don't have the patience to sit through a cooking competition... Continue Reading →

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