Pros and cons of not having a Publisher.

  Today's video on my Instagram page is about what the pros and cons of not having a Publisher have been for me. _____________________ A certain Publisher that I once considered had terms I didn't agree with: They would own the rights to my work, and I would be paid only 8% of profit AFTER... Continue Reading →

5 Random Writing Tips.

1. If you are editing your own writing (for instance, a short story), print it out and go through it line by line using a red pen. You would be surprised at the number of errors that you would come across in the process. _____________________ 2. A writing journal is essential; think of it as... Continue Reading →

Random Fact No. 2: Long Eyelash Problems.

  Random Fact No. 2: Long Eyelash Problems. I have long eyelashes that are curly; some of the lashes curl inwards and tend to fall off into my eyes at awkward moments 😒 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ It would appear That these eye hairs Have no fear Of me, Inducing tears Which leave my makeup smeared, My eyes... Continue Reading →

Best of 2017: ‘Walking On Eggshells’.

Out of everything that has happened to me this year, I can say that self-publishing my second book, Walking On Eggshells has been a favourite. I have learned lessons along the way not only about writing and the publishing process, but also about constantly improving myself. Please share this post with your friends and social... Continue Reading →

Short Story: Nanny Duties (Part 1).

  ‘In this evening’s headlines, it has been 100 days since the President has been receiving treatment in London for an undisclosed illness…A former Minister of Health has been taken into custody by the EFCC for corruption offences…’ The radio presenter’s voice droned on from the cab’s radio as the driver drove badly through Abuja... Continue Reading →

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