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Hip Hop.

Catchy word play that doesn’t stop.

That’s how one could define Hip Hop.

But if Rappers didn’t swear non-stop,

Would they still make hits, or just flops?

I’m here for the heavy baselines when the beat drops,

And the intelligent lyrics which make my heart stop.

Words about life, hardships and running from the cops,

It’s quite a change from listening to sweet pop.

I’m not a Rapper, I don’t drive drop-tops,

I don’t wear Gucci, I just wear flip-flops.

But I can marvel at the excesses and bejewelled cups,

And at the money for private jets they cough up.

Biggy Smalls and Tupac: they were at the top,

The list of legends is too long; I really can’t name-drop.

At home, in your car or even at the barbershop,

You’ll find youself nodding when you hear that Hip Hop.

Written by

©Ivie M. Eke 2017.

Next Time.

Next time,

You will put your foot in the water,


You will let the water get to your ankle,

Before putting your second foot in.
No more diving into the deep end,

With eyes closed,

With your heart pulsating in your hands.
The love will be restrained,

More discerning.
Maybe it will colour the quality of the love,

This new restraint.
Maybe it won’t.
Next time, though,

You will be determined 

Not to let the love break you.

Written by

©Ivie M. Eke 2017.

A Little Survey Which Would Be A Big Help!



Hey, Everyone!


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I Look At You.


I look at you, my love,

And I see myself.


My desires.

My inadequacies.

My achievements.

My vulnerability.


I look at you, my love,

And I see you.


Your tenderness.

Your masculinity.

Your ambitions.

Your kindness.


I look at you, my love,

And I see our future.

Our worries.

Our offspring.

Our contentment.

Our fulfillment.


I look at you, my love,

And I see the icing on the cake,

The sweat cleaned off my brows,

The cruel whispers turned to dust,

The palpitations of my heart ceasing.


Finally resting,

With you, my love.


Written By

© Ivie M. Eke 2016.