Writing Online: 5 Pet Peeves.

I can't believe I still have to say this: SHARE THE LINK TO A WRITER'S WORK; do not copy and paste it on WhatsApp or any other platform.I have a lot of things to be critical of concerning posts on Instagram (e.g font used in a graphic could be too small for me to read... Continue Reading →

Do’s and don’ts of writing love poems.

Valentine's day is next weekend, and I know some of you would want to write sweet words to your loved ones. Here are some helpful tips to guide you as you write your love poems: Do's and don'ts of writing love poems. Do: read existing poetry for inspiration and to build your writing confidence.Don't plagiarize.... Continue Reading →

Happy New Year.

For my first post of 2021, here's some (unsolicited) advice for Writers: You never know what readers of your work would respond to. One of my most viewed posts on my blog was one where I called on Writers to take ownership of their work. My most viewed post overall is a short story called... Continue Reading →

Writing Fiction: Friends, Family, Foes.

For God's sake, give your character's fake names (I have a notebook where I've made a list of names of characters for future stories). 2. If/when referring to real-life situations, be creative: if a situation happened to a lady you know, write the fictional version from a man's perspective if possible. 3. Even if you... Continue Reading →

Writing a story: Colour Me Coral.

I had the idea for Colour Me Coral as far back as in 2016. I had this story in my head about a young Nigerian woman who wanted to make a change in her life but was aware that she might face resistance from those close to her. I couldn't get the idea past the... Continue Reading →

Ivie’s Musings: Writing for the world…and for myself.

In today’s newsletter, I talk about how I make the distinction between writing things to share online and writing for myself. I also talk about how you can start your own journal. I hope you enjoy reading it! Please feel free to share afterwards. Stay safe. Ivie 🤗

Writing A Story: My Current Process.

  Once in a while, I like to give some insight on what my writing journey looks like. Let me tell you my current story-writing process: 1. Come up with a general idea for a story by digging deep into my brain with a flashlight and staring into space. This could take a day or... Continue Reading →

Writing Tips and Random Things.

In today’s newsletter, I talk about how some of my favourite Authors (Jeffrey Archer, James Patterson and James Hadley Chase) have inspired me as a writer. I also ramble on about knitting and coping with social distancing. I hope you have a great day. Ivie 💋👩🏾‍🦱

3 steps to discovering your creative passion.

  Hey 🖐🏾 My blog, classicallyivy will be 4 years old next week 💕 and I've decided to think back to how I started and the lessons I've learned so far.   In my latest newsletter, I've shared 3 steps I took to discover my creative passion; you can read it here.   Have a... Continue Reading →

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