7 Years of Classicallyivy

It's been 7 years since I started my blog, classicallyivy. I have written before now about how I went from writing short posts on Facebook in September 2015, which led to me creating classicallyivy in October of the same year. My blog was initially filled with essays about my life experiences. As time progressed, I... Continue Reading →

Currently reading…’Opening Spaces’.

Currently reading...'Opening Spaces', a collection of 15 short stories written by African female Writers. So far, so good 👌🏾 I enjoy contemporary fiction and the fact that these stories are set in different parts of Africa makes it extra special. Ivie ×  

Poem: Relief.

Lust masqueraded as love. _____________________ I lost when I lost myself in your arms. _____________________ The love was like a sweater that was too tight: _____________________ comfortable for a while, but shed from my skin with relief. _____________________ Written by Ivie M. Eke 2019.

Poem: What If?

What if I had stayed, And allowed The misery to _____________________ Envelope me, Twist me, Manipulate me, _____________________ From my state Of content, Into a woman Hell-bent _____________________ On avoiding Society’s contempt, Of being exempt From marital bliss, For the price of A few kisses? _____________________ Staying would have Been like saying: _____________________ ‘Let me... Continue Reading →

Poem: A Heart’s Promise.

Promise to be more discerning. Promise to love more gently. Promise to forgive easily. _____________________ Promise, dear heart, To love like A good movie: _____________________ Build anticipation, Elicit smiles, _____________________ Trigger the desire for more, Over and over again. _____________________ Written by Ivie M. Eke 2019.

Writing: Taking My Time.

The last few months have been quite busy for me, so I have cut down on the number of posts that I share every week. This has left me feeling slightly guilty, though I’m not sure why this is the case. Do I feel like I’m breaking some divine writing/blogging/social media law by not posting... Continue Reading →

Poem: Low Expectations.

Expect to be disappointed... Expectations should be deferred... _____________________ The love of Friends and Family, Lovers and Country, _____________________ Should be administered With A pinch of salt And a mountain of cynicism. _____________________ Like an animal In the wilderness, Let self-preservation Come first, _____________________ Lest you fall prey To love’s games, Pray Not to be... Continue Reading →

Poem: Press ‘Send’.

Angry typing, Heavy words. Acerbic emotions, Like sharpened swords. _____________________ Write the absolute truth, Then delete. Sugarcoat the truth: Make it bittersweet. _____________________ Time to press ‘send’; Your finger hovers. Sudden palpitations About losing your Lover. _____________________ You read and reread, You feel nothing but dread. But the words need to be said, So you... Continue Reading →

Poem: Cracked.

A cracked heart Still beats, Irregular rhythms; No small feat. _____________________ Fatal attractions, Empty distractions. _____________________ Baby steps To try again, Ego battered; Doubt sets in. _____________________ Can lost love Be found In new arms This time around? _____________________ Self-preservation, Questions asked: Heart or head? Which should prevail For the journey ahead? _____________________ Written by... Continue Reading →

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