Poem: Love That Lingers.

The absolute power Of a love that lingers, Through life’s dangers With no sign of ever Faltering, _____________________ Love that falls From the sky, Like fireworks on the 4th of July. _____________________ Love that can move mountains With a smile, A love whose touch Would lift you high, _____________________ A whispered loving word That would... Continue Reading →

Poem: Flames.

I walked away From the days That enraged Me. _____________________ When nights were My days, And my eyes were Always dazed. _____________________ My disillusion Choked me, Like smoke in a Small cave, _____________________ My brain was asleep Even as I was wide awake. _____________________ They said the love Would enlighten me And always Leave me... Continue Reading →

5 Random Writing Tips.

1. If you are editing your own writing (for instance, a short story), print it out and go through it line by line using a red pen. You would be surprised at the number of errors that you would come across in the process. _____________________ 2. A writing journal is essential; think of it as... Continue Reading →

10 Thoughts About Writing On Social Media.

Being a creative person in Nigeria has been a journey. A bumpy, exciting and sometimes frustrating journey. _____________________ Here are a few thoughts about writing on social media for about 3.5 years: _____________________ 1. I am very mindful of what I choose to share, and how I choose to share it. You could make assumptions... Continue Reading →

Poem: I Will Flourish.

The delicate dictates That my mind now makes, _____________________ Has led to a journey of self-love That feels guided by the stars above. _____________________ The sweet release From the mental chains of misery, The opening of doors Once closed within me, _____________________ The sunshine is now brighter, My internet connection seems faster, The day is... Continue Reading →

Poem: Never.

I miss you Even though You were never mine. _____________________ Fleeting moments with you Feel like decades in my mind. _____________________ The thought of _____________________ What could have been, What we could have known, What we could have seen. _____________________ The memories of you Never seem to fade away. _____________________ In a way, It's okay.... Continue Reading →

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