5 and a half years.

Since I haven't been able to write much in recent months, I've spent time trying to be creative in other ways-knitting, rearranging my home, reading, listening to music. I still write down ideas in my phone's notes app and in my notebook, which I will (eventually) transform into full poems/stories/essays. It's been about 5 and... Continue Reading →

What do I write about?

What do I write about? Hmm. It's been a weird couple of weeks. I feel…not quite like myself. I feel tired but also restless, motivated but also lethargic.I get myself ready to write (bring out pen and notebook, sit on the floor, have a Youtube video playing in the background) and…nothing. I seem to have... Continue Reading →

Writing a story: Colour Me Coral.

I had the idea for Colour Me Coral as far back as in 2016. I had this story in my head about a young Nigerian woman who wanted to make a change in her life but was aware that she might face resistance from those close to her. I couldn't get the idea past the... Continue Reading →

Some Writing Thoughts.

  My name, Ivie, literally means Coral 🙂but my book, Colour Me Coral is a fictional tale. When writing a story-especially from the first person perspective, I have to imagine the Protagonist's reaction to a situation. Sometimes it could be my own reaction.  Other times I just exaggerate things to make the situation more interesting... Continue Reading →

Writing A Story: My Current Process.

  Once in a while, I like to give some insight on what my writing journey looks like. Let me tell you my current story-writing process: 1. Come up with a general idea for a story by digging deep into my brain with a flashlight and staring into space. This could take a day or... Continue Reading →


  What message do I want to convey through classicallyivy.com? 1. I am a creative person. _____________________ 2. We are all free to explore our creativity. _____________________ 3. Creativity is a gift-but it requires effort to sustain it for a long time. _____________________ 4. Creativity is joyful: enjoy it! _____________________ By Ivie M. Eke 2020.

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