Features On Other Blogs & Websites.

My work has also been featured on some other blogs and websites:


Stylist Magazine UK:

Poem included on #PostAPoem Week shortlist.


The Sparkle Writers Hub:

Their interview with me as part of their #WriterSpotlight series.

My entry for the 2016 Sparkle Writers Christmas Campaign.

A day in the life of a Nigerian with trust issues.

5 Lessons I Learned In My Secondary School Days.



The Naked Convos

To Nigerian Ladies: A Pap Smear Will Calm Your Fears.

Family: Different Shapes, Same Values.

Short Story: Inter-House Sports Day.

Power Failure: An Ode to NEPA.

Short Story: Airport.



10 life lessons I’ve learned from blogging.

Inspired By Glory International Women’s Day Campaign.

What happiness means to me.


Genevieve Magazine Nigeria:

3 hair phases I have passed through as a Nigerian woman.

Short Story: Of Diamond Rings And Fuel Queues (part 1).

Part 2

Part 3.

Part 4

Part 5.

High Heels And Low Expectations: The Lingering Frustrations Of Being A Nigerian Woman.

Household Chores: Making A Mess of Being Tidy.

Bloody pains and menstrual cycles.

5 Items A Nigerian Woman Must Have In Her Hand Bag.

My 3 Social Media Rules!

3 birthday phases I have passed through in my life.

An unserious guide for using your Candy Crush skills in your dating life.



Covert allies: A tale of Nigeria’s secret feminists.

3 Things to Do When Your Academic Background And Your Career Are Worlds Apart.

3 Subtle Ways To Increase Your Daily Productivity.

Starting and sustaining an NGO in Nigeria: 3 important things to consider.



The Five Ps For Publishing On Okada Books


#BlackLivesMatter-A Nigerian’s Perspective.