Features On Other Blogs & Websites.

My work has also been featured on some other blogs and websites:


Stylist Magazine UK:

Poem included on #PostAPoem Week shortlist.

The Sparkle Writers Hub:

Their interview with me as part of their #WriterSpotlight series.


10 life lessons I’ve learned from blogging.

Inspired By Glory International Women’s Day Campaign.

What happiness means to me.

The Spoken World Podcast

Interview with Huwa of The Spoken World podcast  about my book, Dirt In The Dust and my experience as a Writer in Nigeria (starts at the 18 minute mark).


Covert allies: A tale of Nigeria’s secret feminists.

3 Things to Do When Your Academic Background And Your Career Are Worlds Apart.

3 Subtle Ways To Increase Your Daily Productivity.

Starting and sustaining an NGO in Nigeria: 3 important things to consider.

 Literary Everything:

Audio review of ‘Dirt in the Dust’.

Author of the week interview.

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