Some self-publishing tips

Trust your creative history and instincts. I started this writing journey by writing short posts on Facebook in September 2015. I didn't have a plan at the time; I just had insight on some situations that had occurred in my life which I wanted to share. The feedback was amazing, and it encouraged me to... Continue Reading →


I will not think about how the corner of your mouth lifts up when you smile. _____________________ I will not dwell on the fact that My heart seeks you out when we are apart. _____________________ I will not imagine what you are doing at any given moment when you are not present to present your... Continue Reading →

Short Story: A Piece of Meat.

  Being an Accountant fueled Ifueko’s suspicious nature.   Every figure in each spreadsheet had a place, and every pen on her desk was arranged meticulously in colour order: red, blue, black.   She loved order and was a creature of habit, and so when she walked into her pristine kitchen that Saturday morning, she... Continue Reading →

Love Ramblings: From A-Z.

  Another love will appear soon, so Be optimistic; let the Sun dwell in you. A _____________________ Cracked heart will occur sometimes, but know that Despite the odds, all will be fine. _____________________ Errant lovers will never cease to exist, so run, Flee far from them into the mist. _____________________ Ghosts of past loves tend... Continue Reading →

#Repost Series: What Christmas Means To Me.

Christmas is waiting. It is waiting to get that email from Human Resources telling me that the Christmas break will be from this date and end on that date. It is an expectant feeling, where I try to draw the line between being a hardworking staff and an easily distracted person who asks myself, ‘has... Continue Reading →

Poem: Run.

Run away from me. Run, towards the tragedy Of life all by yourself, Denying yourself Of quality companionship, Of a grown-up relationship. _____________________ There, You've reached your destination: The nation Of desolation And dissatisfaction. You begin to call me, My phone rings... _____________________ I watch as the call ends, As I choose to ignore You... Continue Reading →

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