Starting a writing blog #3

My original intention when I started was to write and post on the blog every day (hah!). Yes, that plan did not work out for me ๐Ÿ˜ _____________________ My typical schedule these days is to post 3 times a week. There are weeks when I post twice, and other weeks (like this week!) when... Continue Reading →

Starting A Writing Blog #2

When I decided to start my blog, I first looked at the blogs that I enjoyed reading to take note of what attracted me to them. Aside from the content itself, the blogs where easy to read and easy to navigate. _____________________ I use WordPress for my blog because itโ€™s uncomplicated. I downloaded the app... Continue Reading →

5 Brief Writing Lessons From My Favourite Authors.

  I read a lot of books and I have become accustomed to different styles of writing and different ways of telling a story. There are books which I have read which I promptly forgot about once I closed them, and others written by my favourite authors whose words still linger in my mind long... Continue Reading →

The Five Ps for Publishing On Okada Books!

  Hey, everyone! I recently wrote an article for, about my experience using their app (Okada Books) to self-publish my poetry collection. I believe that the tips I listed would apply to anyone who wants to go down the self-publishing route, irrespective of what platform you decide to use. I also talked about dealing... Continue Reading →

My Top 5 Blogs For Writing & Blogging Inspiration.

    I love to do research, and when I decided to start a blog, this fact came in very handy. I browsed the internet not only for tips on how to start a blog, but I also looked out for blogs and websites which I admired for inspiration. I hope that the following list... Continue Reading →

My 3 Favourite Tips For Writing!

Tip 1: Write Because You Want To Write. I started writing last year because I felt I needed to express myself in a creative and positive manner. I started my blog with that in mind; everything else which has happened afterwards (a poetry reading, having articles published on major websites, and publishing an Ebook) are... Continue Reading →

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