5 Random Writing Tips.

1. If you are editing your own writing (for instance, a short story), print it out and go through it line by line using a red pen. You would be surprised at the number of errors that you would come across in the process. _____________________ 2. A writing journal is essential; think of it as... Continue Reading →

10 Thoughts About Writing On Social Media.

Being a creative person in Nigeria has been a journey. A bumpy, exciting and sometimes frustrating journey. _____________________ Here are a few thoughts about writing on social media for about 3.5 years: _____________________ 1. I am very mindful of what I choose to share, and how I choose to share it. You could make assumptions... Continue Reading →

A Short Note About My #Repost Series.

Hello, unscheduled middle of the day post! I hope you are all fine. I just want to address an issue on my blog briefly. When I share a post which has the '#Repost Series' title, it just means that the posts first appeared on other platforms, but for different reasons, are no longer available on... Continue Reading →

3 Lessons I’ve Learned From classicallyivy.com

Hey, Everyone 🙋🏾‍♀️ I’ve been doing some thinking (as usual!) about how in July 2015, classicallyivy.com did not exist. It has now become part of my daily life, and serves as a means of exploring my creativity. _____________________ And also, quite simply, my blog makes me happy 😊 _____________________ Here are 3 things I’ve learned... Continue Reading →

Starting a writing blog #5.

As an independent writer, social media has definitely been my best friend. _____________________ At any given moment, you will find people staring at their social media feeds on their mobile devices or computers, scrolling until they find something that catches their attention. Unless you have a very popular blog, people will rarely go to your... Continue Reading →

Starting a writing blog #4.

Let me explain. When I say ‘be real’, I mean that the emotions that you express in your writing must be true. My poems are based on my past relationships and other life experiences (I have written all sorts of poems, including poems about love, Jollof rice and Nigeria). I feel that people will always... Continue Reading →

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