10 more facts about me.

Never has there been a time when someone forwarded a 15- minute video to me on WhatsApp that I said 'Ooooooh yes I'm dying to watch that'.Not once have I gone into a Writer's DM or comments section to 'explain' their writing to them.I love scented candles.What happened at the U.S. Capitol building did not... Continue Reading →

My 3 most-searched writing questions (and other issues).

Hey everyone! I hope you are all fine. I shared a short video on my Instagram page about my most searched writing questions which you can view here. I have been dealing with a copyright infringement and plagiarism issue recently, and I would be lying if I said it's the first time that this has... Continue Reading →

A Short Note About My #Repost Series.

Hello, unscheduled middle of the day post! I hope you are all fine. I just want to address an issue on my blog briefly. When I share a post which has the '#Repost Series' title, it just means that the posts first appeared on other platforms, but for different reasons, are no longer available on... Continue Reading →

Ivie’s Musings: A Library Checklist.

Hey! I wrote my third book last year at the Library at Yaradua Centre in Abuja. I've had some time to think about my experience using the Library, and I've made a Checklist of requirements. This list includes going with your own bottle of hand sanitizer, and your earphones. Please read the list here. 🙏🏾

Dear Nigerian Blogs, P is for Plagiarism.

As a Writer, I’m happy when people read my work, and even happier when they share my work with their own audience. It’s amazing! However...Nigerian blogs really need lessons on how to do certain things properly. First of all, when you’re setting up your blog, one of the first things you should ask yourself is,... Continue Reading →

Interview with The Spoken World podcast.

I was interviewed recently by The Spoken World podcast about my book, Dirt In The Dust' and my writing experience in general.   Please listen to the episode here.   My interview is the second on the episode, so just scroll to the 18 minute mark if you're in a hurry 🙂   Please leave... Continue Reading →

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