10 more facts about me.

Never has there been a time when someone forwarded a 15- minute video to me on WhatsApp that I said 'Ooooooh yes I'm dying to watch that'.Not once have I gone into a Writer's DM or comments section to 'explain' their writing to them.I love scented candles.What happened at the U.S. Capitol building did not... Continue Reading →


I am a rose in a soulless garden,And I battle against the mindset of the downtrodden. It is easy to slip and fall into despair,Where things are deceptively calm and insincere. Like the steady hum of your neighbour's generator,The inner darkness feels normal, like it belongs there. Dark thoughts cast shadows in the light,They delight... Continue Reading →

New week, new book.

-I have picked up my pen several times in the last week to write…something…anything…but words have failed me. -I hope you are all fine and protecting your mental health. I've started reading this book (Normal People by Sally Rooney) which I bought from @rovingheights a short while ago but had been unable to focus on... Continue Reading →

Writing: Taking My Time.

The last few months have been quite busy for me, so I have cut down on the number of posts that I share every week. This has left me feeling slightly guilty, though I’m not sure why this is the case. Do I feel like I’m breaking some divine writing/blogging/social media law by not posting... Continue Reading →

Poem: When I Write.

When I write My soul ignites, And I burst Into flames, As the words call out My name. _____________________ Every emotion Is an opportunity, To design a world Not currently existing. _____________________ To write to my heart's delight, To bleed words with all of my might. _____________________ No heartbreak is off limits, No love is... Continue Reading →

10 Thoughts About Writing On Social Media.

Being a creative person in Nigeria has been a journey. A bumpy, exciting and sometimes frustrating journey. _____________________ Here are a few thoughts about writing on social media for about 3.5 years: _____________________ 1. I am very mindful of what I choose to share, and how I choose to share it. You could make assumptions... Continue Reading →

Poem: Hidden Joy.

Worrying is fruitless. To win, You must lose it. When it finds you, Depart from it, It’s empty and useless. _____________________ Living is ruthless. Daytime stress And night sweat, Accomplishments And regrets, Assault all of our senses. _____________________ A disaster Or a fine mess, Life has many Hidden joys in it, Even when troubles Seem... Continue Reading →

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