Poem: I Will Flourish.

The delicate dictates That my mind now makes, _____________________ Has led to a journey of self-love That feels guided by the stars above. _____________________ The sweet release From the mental chains of misery, The opening of doors Once closed within me, _____________________ The sunshine is now brighter, My internet connection seems faster, The day is... Continue Reading →

Poem: Away.

I need to get away From this storm, That is now the norm, Which causes me nothing but Subtle harm. _____________________ I want a place of calm, To feel safe and warm, Free from the worms In human form. _____________________ I toil From dusk till dawn, But my efforts feel Feeble and forlorn, Like Losing... Continue Reading →

Poem: One Thing.

I keep telling myself One thing: That All of it Has to be worth Something. _____________________ All the sadness That has lined my throat. All the times That they stopped to gloat. _____________________ One thing That always Keeps me going, Is the joy in me Which keeps overflowing. _____________________ One thing I know for certain,... Continue Reading →

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