Poem: Remember.

Remember when You thought things through, _____________________ When no impulsiveness could move you. _____________________ Now you move here and there with love's fickle wind, _____________________ Without any foundation To give solidity To your spirit. _____________________ He beckons, you crawl. _____________________ He crooks his finger, you run. _____________________ He smiles, you fly. _____________________ He breathes, you... Continue Reading →

Poem: Stop Searching.

Would you be satisfied If I squeezed myself Into a ball For you to use for kick-ups? _____________________ Would you be delighted If I only ever Folded backwards, Always available for your Special kind of Push-ups? _____________________ Would you like me To throw out my shoes So I can only walk on tiptoe, And be... Continue Reading →

Poem: Why?

‘Why can’t you be like other women?’ ‘Why can’t you smile more?’ ‘Why do you think so much of yourself?’ ‘Why won’t you throw your worth on the floor?’ _____________________ Why? Why? Why? _____________________ His ‘whys’ Shriveled up My insides, and Dried up the garden Between my thighs. _____________________ The ‘whys’ sounded like the whines... Continue Reading →

Dating in your thirties: I need some technology.

When people ask me if I'm happy being single, I feel obligated to say no, because I'm a Nigerian woman in my thirties and that's what I'm expected to say. _____________________ The truth is that I have experienced more personal joy and creative growth as a single person than I have in any of my... Continue Reading →

Poem: What You Say.

You say that I intimidate you. That the sight of me leaves you without a clue. My shoulders are too straight, My head is held up too high, You say that I walk like I own the sky. But. Would you rather I shrunk, and made myself very small, So that you can pick me... Continue Reading →

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