Do’s and don’ts of writing love poems.

Valentine's day is next weekend, and I know some of you would want to write sweet words to your loved ones. Here are some helpful tips to guide you as you write your love poems: Do's and don'ts of writing love poems. Do: read existing poetry for inspiration and to build your writing confidence.Don't plagiarize.... Continue Reading →


Imagine If I loved you... You would walk On the moon, Constantly float around Whilst whistling obscure tunes. _____________________ Your smile would Light up the world, Like the Sun at Noon. The despair For which You always seemed To prepare for, _____________________ Would be lifted From your chest, The rest Of your unrest Would vanish... Continue Reading →

Poem: Perfect You.

Your skin is so brown, Like rich chocolate. Many might try To step in and imitate, _____________________ But their efforts are frustrated, Because they don't know The half of it. _____________________ How you add value to me, Rendering my life strife-free, _____________________ As you strive to ensure, That our love thrives For ever more. _____________________... Continue Reading →

Poem: Bitter-Sweet Valentine. #ValentinesDay ❤️💔

Bitter-Sweet Valentine, I know now that You were never mine. _____________________ I hope you don’t choke On your expensive wine, I hope your beard doesn’t catch fire, I hope your chocolates don’t Taste like lime. _____________________ I hope your lies Will keep you warm, As you hide from me Like a little worm. I hope... Continue Reading →

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