3 Things (4).

If your audience uses your lectures/sermons/presentations/speeches as an opportunity to 'rest their eyes', you might need to work on your presentation skills.I think about 'Luther', Seasons 1-3 a lot. Lots of drama (and Idris Elba).I look forward to Sunday afternoons/evenings when some music channels on DSTV dedicate 30 minutes/an hour to 'oldies'. My music heart... Continue Reading →

Hidden Smile.

I don't know where it came from, The disillusion, hot like the sun. Sometimes it's hard to fathom Our whys and our mission, But I miss being on board With every good thing and not being forlorn. I'm just trying to keep warm From cold thoughts, And enjoy being on this Earthly kingdom. I want... Continue Reading →


I live my life like it's mine. I make choices trying to satisfy My vision of how to fly In the face of adversity, How to cry When I can no longer Hold it in. Circumstances beckon, Derailing planned paths. I reckon I can only Leave things to God's plan. I would love to be... Continue Reading →

20 Favourites from 2020.

20 favourites from 2020. Reading-I read A LOT of books.Writing-poetry, random thoughts and my 4th book, 'Colour Me Coral'.Scented candles.Drinking water.Yoga.Organizing my personal space.Home decor.The #ENDSARS movement.Photographs of my Mother.(Sincere) kind words.Twitter.Zikoko.comRafia baskets.Music.Spray paint.Google.Oat pancakes.Amazon.Quiz shows (Tipping Point, Pointless, Impossible).Chapman drinks. Ivie M. Eke 2020.


I will not think about how the corner of your mouth lifts up when you smile. _____________________ I will not dwell on the fact that My heart seeks you out when we are apart. _____________________ I will not imagine what you are doing at any given moment when you are not present to present your... Continue Reading →

Poem: They say.

  They say You can't speak boldly about pain, When you eat three square meals Each day. _____________________ There are apparent gradients To internal decay: Senior suffering And junior heartache. _____________________ Do you dab at your tears In a dainty way, Or let them fall untethered Like bombs from a plane? _____________________ Let no one... Continue Reading →

Writing: Taking My Time.

The last few months have been quite busy for me, so I have cut down on the number of posts that I share every week. This has left me feeling slightly guilty, though I’m not sure why this is the case. Do I feel like I’m breaking some divine writing/blogging/social media law by not posting... Continue Reading →

Poem: When I Write.

When I write My soul ignites, And I burst Into flames, As the words call out My name. _____________________ Every emotion Is an opportunity, To design a world Not currently existing. _____________________ To write to my heart's delight, To bleed words with all of my might. _____________________ No heartbreak is off limits, No love is... Continue Reading →

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