My 3 Social Media Rules.

My 3 social media rules: _____________________ 1. If I enjoy someone’s post, I will ‘like’ it. If I don’t enjoy a post, I will keep scrolling. _____________________ 2. If someone leaves a comment after one of my posts that is likely to open up the comments section to negativity, I will delete that comment. _____________________... Continue Reading →

My 3 Social Media Rules!

Hey, everyone! What are your social media rules? I wrote an article about mine for Genevieve Magazine Nigeria which  you can read here. One of my rules is that if I do not like a YouTube video, I just close the page, instead of 'disliking' it or leaving nasty comments. Please share your rules for using... Continue Reading →

3 Subtle Ways To Increase Your Daily Productivity.

Hey everyone! We all have daily goals which we strive to achieve every day. I wrote an article for SheLeadsAfrica where I talked about 3 subtle ways to increase your daily productivity. Please click the link above to read it and don't forget to share it on your social media feeds.Thanks and Happy Reading! Ivie.

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