You live life In limbo. You are uncertain of What to say or Where to go. _____________________ You are either Calm and serene Or Hiding silent screams. _____________________ You feel whole But hollow. Each day presents New highs and lows. _____________________ You are sane, today, But Who knows if It will always be this way.... Continue Reading →

Writing Tips and Random Things.

In today’s newsletter, I talk about how some of my favourite Authors (Jeffrey Archer, James Patterson and James Hadley Chase) have inspired me as a writer. I also ramble on about knitting and coping with social distancing. I hope you have a great day. Ivie 💋👩🏾‍🦱

Long Days.

The days are long With no end in sight. _____________________ Each slight Feels heightened, Every feeling hits us heavily Like a week of stormy nights. _____________________ No end to our discomfort, No answers to our questions. _____________________ All hell seems to break loose In our hearts And all around us. _____________________ Where do we go,... Continue Reading →

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