When You Wake Up (Part 3).

Read Part 1 Here! Read Part 2 Here! The next Monday, Muri walked into Evergreen restaurant during his lunch break; it was 12.30pm. He was dreading this meeting, but it was long-overdue. He took responsibility for his part in the potential breakdown of his marriage, and he knew that if he didn't want to lose... Continue Reading →

When you wake up (Part 2).

Muri stretched and yawned as he opened his eyes. He rubbed them and sat up, glancing at the bed-side clock. It was 6:15 am. He switched on the light above the bed. He had to get up to go to the gym for his Saturday morning work-out session. Just as it registered in his mind... Continue Reading →

Short Story: When You Wake Up.

    It was 4am on Saturday. Ameh stared at her reflection, as she often did when her mind was cloudy. This usually helped to clear her mind, but it was not working today. She was in her bedroom, seated in front of the dressing mirror, with the light from the bathroom illuminating her features.... Continue Reading →

Shola: Love For The Heartbreaker (Part 5).

Shola was standing by her bedroom window, enjoying the view outside. She was already dressed, but was not quite ready to leave her room. For someone who thrived on noise and chaos, she was enjoying this quiet moment which she had to herself. A brief knock on her door interrupted her meditative state on mind.... Continue Reading →

Of Diamond Rings And Fuel Queues (Part 5).

Hey everyone! The final part of the short story series is now on the Geneveive Magazine Nigeria website-Please read! You can still catch up with the earlier parts of the story by clicking on the links on this blog or on their website. This experience has been wonderful, and I'm working on more stuff which... Continue Reading →

Shola: Love For The Heartbreaker (Part 4).

Shola's fantasy of being invisible was unfortunately not manifesting into reality. At least, if she could become invisible, she would have just slipped away undetected from Joe and Ade's stares. Instead, she had to stand and wait for Ade and Joe to exchange hearty man-hugs and loud greetings. 'So...I didn't know you and my sister... Continue Reading →

Shola: Love For The Heartbreaker (Part 3).

Shola was a makeup junkie. The creams, the powders, the blushes, the glosses-they all intoxicated her. They were her magic potions and she was the Beauty Witch. Makeup was her armour. Unfortunately, she did not have this armour on when she bumped into Joe; she was, in her mind, annoyingly 'fresh-faced'. Shola felt very exposed... Continue Reading →

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