Best of 2017: ‘Walking On Eggshells’.

Out of everything that has happened to me this year, I can say that self-publishing my second book, Walking On Eggshells has been a favourite. I have learned lessons along the way not only about writing and the publishing process, but also about constantly improving myself. Please share this post with your friends and social... Continue Reading →

Short Story: Nanny Duties (Part 3).

(Read part 1 here!). (Read part 2 here!).   That evening after her shower, Kunbi sat on her bed and thought about the events which had led her to take up the Nanny job. Aunty Chidera had met Kunbi’s Mum at a women’s church meeting some months ago and had mentioned how difficult it had... Continue Reading →

Short Story: Nanny Duties (Part 2).

(Read Part 1 here!).   ‘These are really nice fabrics-great quality. I wonder what quality of clothes your Madam must have left in her wardrobe if she can afford to give these ones out to you’ Kunbi’s mother mused.   ‘Hmm’ Kunbi replied.   ‘My daughter, are you okay?’   Startled, Kunbi looked at her... Continue Reading →

Short Story: Nanny Duties (Part 1).

  ‘In this evening’s headlines, it has been 100 days since the President has been receiving treatment in London for an undisclosed illness…A former Minister of Health has been taken into custody by the EFCC for corruption offences…’ The radio presenter’s voice droned on from the cab’s radio as the driver drove badly through Abuja... Continue Reading →

Short Story: The Copycats Among Us (Part 2).

(Read part 1 here!). Bilkisu was the Head of Public Relations, and Elsie was a mere Assistant Manager. No other department had an Assistant Manager present at those meetings. The MD was making such a fuss because Elsie had written a few good reports. Bilkisu seethed every time she thought about it…and also felt very... Continue Reading →

Short Story: The Copycats Among Us (Part 1).

Elsie stood at the entrance of the conference room, observing the spectacle before her. It was almost 10am. The executive meeting was supposed to have started at 9:30am but was running late because the Big Dog (a nickname for the MD-which he endorsed) was tied up in a Skype call with their London office. Elsie... Continue Reading →

Short Story: Kama Sutra.

'Arghhhhhhh!' There was a thud as he landed on the floor. She rolled her eyes and stifled her laughter. 'My back!' He groaned. 'Hmmm, sorry dear. Are you alright?' She tried to infuse as much concern into her voice as she could. She sat up, pulling the bed covers over her bare chest. 'No, I'm... Continue Reading →

Short Story: Braids Gone Wrong.

‘Nooo, this cannot be happening! Not today!’ Bosede moaned, staring at the handful of braids which had come off along with her hair. She was in the process of getting ready for work and had decided to oil her scalp before putting on her makeup. As she removed the rubber band which held her braids... Continue Reading →

Short Story: Dinner For One.

      The occasional sounds of cutlery meeting plates and muted conversations pierced through Bella's subconscious. Peaches, a newly-established upscale restaurant in Abuja was buzzing with activity, with the Friday evening diners exuding a sense of cheer which she did not feel. The evening had started to go downhill from the moment Mike had... Continue Reading →

When You Wake Up (Part 4).

Ameh watched Muri from the corner of her eye; she observed that his face was in 'sincere mode' as he listened with rapt attention to what Dr. Okonta, their marriage counselor, was saying. She thought about reaching out to pinch his neck, just to see if his expression would change. It didn't seem like the... Continue Reading →

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