Short Story: The Party.

  ‘I am a Domestic Goddess’, I thought. Or at least…I knew how to play at being one. I admired the well-arranged sitting room in my boyfriend Soji’s flat. It looked luxurious with its cream curtains and brown and black furniture. It was located at Apo Quarters in Abuja and was one of my favourite... Continue Reading →

Short Story: A Piece of Meat.

  Being an Accountant fueled Ifueko’s suspicious nature.   Every figure in each spreadsheet had a place, and every pen on her desk was arranged meticulously in colour order: red, blue, black.   She loved order and was a creature of habit, and so when she walked into her pristine kitchen that Saturday morning, she... Continue Reading →

Short Story: The Chairman’s Wife (Part 2).

(Read part 1 here). The Chairman’s Wife: Part Two. ‘Hi’. ‘Hi’. He cleared his throat. ‘So…you’re my Boss’s wife? I guess I should call you Madam?’ Enahire sounded petulant to his own ears, but he couldn’t seem to help himself. He suddenly realized that he was sweating under his white Polo neck tshirt. Rolake smiled.... Continue Reading →

Short Story: The Chairman’s Wife (Part 1).

The Chairman’s Wife: Part One. Enahire was not a man who was easily surprised. In his 35 years on earth, he had witnessed his father kicking his mother out of their family home, experienced racist abuse as a postgraduate student in London, and had been in a car accident which had almost cost him his... Continue Reading →

Short Story: The Way You Feel (part 2).

(Read part 1 here). ‘Can you remember how we met?’ Nnamdi asked suddenly. Idia frowned. ‘Yes, I remember’. She had gone to buy fabrics from his mother’s store at Garki Plaza. His mother had introduced them; Nnamdi had stopped by during his lunch break. He had asked Idia for her number and a few weeks... Continue Reading →

Short Story: The Way You Feel (Part 1).

  Idia was doing her usual Saturday shopping; she was standing in the middle of Wuse market buying fresh peppers when she realized that her boyfriend did not love her. It was very hot in Abuja that morning, despite the grey clouds that framed the sky. Idia wiped sweat from her brow as she selected... Continue Reading →

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