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The Copycats Among Us (part 3).

Read part 1 here! Read part 2 here!   Elsie was seated opposite her boss, ‘Big Dog’, in his office the next day at 10am on the dot. He had beckoned for her to sit down on one of the … Continue reading

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Walking On Eggshells. 

‘Walking On Eggshells’, my short story collection is available on Amazon and Okada Books!   

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Excerpt from ‘The Green Fridge’.

‘The Green Fridge’ is the last story in my collection, Walking On Eggshells. Continue reading

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My Short Story Collection!

‘Walking on eggshells’ is available on Amazon and Okada Books. Please make a purchase and share this post with your friends on social media as I work on more stories. Have a great weekend! Ivie.

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A Little Survey Which Would Be A Big Help!

  Hey, Everyone!   I have been writing on this blog for almost a year and a half: amazing!   What started as a hobby has become a full-time passion project that I use to express myself positively.   I … Continue reading

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My New Book, ‘Walking On Eggshells’ Has Been Published!

  Hey, Everyone!   I am very happy to announce that my 2nd book, ‘Walking On Eggshells’ has been published!   Yay!   The collection includes stories about love, the breakdown of relationships, feelings of resentment within a family and … Continue reading

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Short Story: An Ordinary Day (Part 1).

Mildred looked up from sweeping the sitting room to watch the forced banter on yet another American Talk Show. The four women on the show’s panel were of varying ethnic backgrounds. The show’s producers were obviously pandering to all sorts … Continue reading

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Short Story: Braids Gone Wrong.

‘Nooo, this cannot be happening! Not today!’ Bosede moaned, staring at the handful of braids which had come off along with her hair. She was in the process of getting ready for work and had decided to oil her scalp … Continue reading

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3 Topics Which Inspire My Writing Process.

Poetry: Everyday ocurrences.  Let me first state that when it comes to poetry, it would have been very very very very very easy to dedicate this blog to the tortured misery of past relationships. I could have inundated you with … Continue reading

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Of Diamond Rings And Fuel Queues (Part 2).

   Hey everyone! The story continues-what happened after the fuel queue? Please read the next part of the story on the Genevieve Magazine website. Happy reading! Ivie.

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