Poem: They Don’t Know.

They say that I should not want more; I am expected to simply sit and endure. _____________________ They say that I should be emotionally poor; I ought to stick to what's been done before. _____________________ They say that I should see life like a chore; But they know nothing about my vigour. _____________________ They say... Continue Reading →

Living This Life.

This thing called life That is so full of strife, Do we hold on to knives, Or pull God close to our sides? Thunder and lightening assail us. Stress makes us want to Get on a bus To a place where we could Celebrate wins with no loss, A place that is safe, Where people... Continue Reading →


I have dreamt of you: That I clawed at your face, Whilst you begged for mercy. I delighted in it, The thought that I could hurt you, Just as you hurt me. I licked my lips, The vengeance I would have gotten Seemed so tasty. I shook my head, The resentful woman in the mirror... Continue Reading →

My Body: From Acquaintances To Friends.

 This body of mine. You have been with me My whole life, And yet... I feel like I barely know you. I have never looked at you With love, Only with discomfort, Burdened by the perceptions of others, And the knowledge of your imperfections. Let's be friends, Dear body. Have some water. Eat some fruits.... Continue Reading →

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