Poem: What I Tell Myself.

I tell myself That I’m grown now, _____________________ So there’s no need To frown _____________________ When life tries To push me down. _____________________ I often wonder how The eternal idealists, The emotionally deficit, The humans with wings On their feet, Are able to exist, _____________________ When I struggle daily With biological countdowns, And feelings of... Continue Reading →

A Little Post About Treating Yourself.

Hey, Everyone!       I recently treated myself to a trip to Coventry (my happy place!) with visits to Birmingham and London. I attended Stylist Live (which had a wonderful session on writing) and just spent the rest of the time writing and relaxing.   I hadn't left Nigeria (or even Abuja) in over... Continue Reading →

Why you should treat yourself.

Hey, everyone! I recently attended the Stylist Live event organized by Stylist Magazine, an awesome UK-based publication. It was a lovely event, with my favourite session being 'how to write your first novel-and actually finish it' by Janet Ellis, a British writer. Here are some photos from the event: I wrote a post about my... Continue Reading →

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