Poem: What I Tell Myself.

I tell myself That I’m grown now, _____________________ So there’s no need To frown _____________________ When life tries To push me down. _____________________ I often wonder how The eternal idealists, The emotionally deficit, The humans with wings On their feet, Are able to exist, _____________________ When I struggle daily With biological countdowns, And feelings of... Continue Reading →

Poem: They Tried.

They tried hard to Take me away, To that dark place Where I would Only feel pain, _____________________ Where my potential Could be curtailed, Where I would never see The light of day. _____________________ But I resisted their Evil advances, And I Took no chances; _____________________ I changed my circumstances, I sidestepped The furious glances.... Continue Reading →

Poem: Hunger.

I have a hunger For something lavish. Something decadent. Something worth having. _____________________ I hunger for something That would shake tables, And raise eyebrows. When they see that I am able _____________________ To do the extraordinary. To be more than regular. To break boundaries. To be really spectacular. _____________________ The hunger drives me, I feel... Continue Reading →

Dating in your thirties: I need some technology.

When people ask me if I'm happy being single, I feel obligated to say no, because I'm a Nigerian woman in my thirties and that's what I'm expected to say. _____________________ The truth is that I have experienced more personal joy and creative growth as a single person than I have in any of my... Continue Reading →

Poem: So Difficult.

You are too difficult, With too many rough edges. You choose to rebel, While others hide behind life’s pledges. _____________________ Your brain moves too quickly, At a thousand miles an hour. You gleefully eat lemons, When others dismiss them as sour. _____________________ You don’t smile often, Some see this as a disaster. But your stoicism... Continue Reading →

Poem: They Don’t Know.

They say that I should not want more; I am expected to simply sit and endure. _____________________ They say that I should be emotionally poor; I ought to stick to what's been done before. _____________________ They say that I should see life like a chore; But they know nothing about my vigour. _____________________ They say... Continue Reading →

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