Be free.

Live as free As a raging fire, Live a life Even you would admire. Set goals As high as the moon, Whisper your aspirations To yourself From midnight Until Noon. You are smarter Than you think, More capable Than you assume, More lovely Than you believe. Written byIvie M. Eke 2020.

When you love yourself.

Love yourself. _____________________ Doing this will Elevate you And flatten those Who Are uncomfortable _____________________ With seeing Contentment in others. _____________________ They will lash out In word And deed, Breathing fire _____________________ Or with Narrowed gazes, Watching, _____________________ Resentment weighing Down their insides As they are Unable to fathom _____________________ The peace that resides In... Continue Reading →


I am more than one thing, More than a woman Like that Aaliyah's song sings. More than a pretty, solemn face. More than the sum of my heartaches. _____________________ I am more than society says I should be. More than the ground On which you try to trample me. _____________________ The sun rests at my... Continue Reading →

Poem: They say.

  They say You can't speak boldly about pain, When you eat three square meals Each day. _____________________ There are apparent gradients To internal decay: Senior suffering And junior heartache. _____________________ Do you dab at your tears In a dainty way, Or let them fall untethered Like bombs from a plane? _____________________ Let no one... Continue Reading →

Poem: Low Expectations.

Expect to be disappointed... Expectations should be deferred... _____________________ The love of Friends and Family, Lovers and Country, _____________________ Should be administered With A pinch of salt And a mountain of cynicism. _____________________ Like an animal In the wilderness, Let self-preservation Come first, _____________________ Lest you fall prey To love’s games, Pray Not to be... Continue Reading →

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