He was standing there; He'd been right here all along. _____________________ He was intellectually and physically strong. _____________________ There was always humour and kindness in his words. _____________________ He always had my back: He'd never stab with metaphorical swords. _____________________ His words are His bond, _____________________ I'm bound by his love. _____________________ His smile... Continue Reading →


Imagine If I loved you... You would walk On the moon, Constantly float around Whilst whistling obscure tunes. _____________________ Your smile would Light up the world, Like the Sun at Noon. The despair For which You always seemed To prepare for, _____________________ Would be lifted From your chest, The rest Of your unrest Would vanish... Continue Reading →


I love the way You loathe injustice. I treasure the day That I first laid Eyes on you, And was later dissolved by Your kisses. _____________________ I now live for Mondays, Fridays, And the in-between days. Everyday, There are brand new ways To savour your caresses. _____________________ Life is now a Constant party, I am... Continue Reading →

Poem: Talk to me.

Can we talk? About how you make me feel? _____________________ Can we walk? With the sand caressing our feet? _____________________ I want what you want: _____________________ Love that is thoughtful though flawed, _____________________ Love that is charming without causing harm. _____________________ Let our walk take us where Love is free with no restraints, _____________________ Where... Continue Reading →

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