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Floating In Love.





I was floating.

The love made me light-headed.

My heart felt like it was in a cloud,

Moving around slowly in my body.



I was weightless.

The love made me stand on tip-toe.

The love made me skip my footsteps.

My heavy burdens were now as light as air.



It was exhilarating.

The love filled me with so much hope.

The love made me smile with ease.


It was wonderful.

It was exciting.

It was delightful for a while…

And what a while it was.


©Ivie M. Eke 2017



Where I Belong.

I am searching for a place,

Anticipation lingers at the tip of my tongue.

A place that is warm and kind,

Where I will always hear my favourite song.

The place is colourful and bright,

It’s energy makes me feel so young.
It is filled with such depth,

My toes curl as I push my way through the throng.

I know the place, it’s in your arms,

In your embrace, I am where I belong. 

Written by

 ©Ivie M. Eke 2017.

Believe Me.


Believe me,

You must believe me when I say,

That I have loved you for so long before I ever met you.

That blood flows through my veins-a consequence of being human.

That my hips are as wide as my love for you is deep.


Believe me,

You must believe me when I say,

That my intentions for you are noble,

That my moods are fleeting, sprinkling over the love which I have for you,

That my hands are outstretched only for you.


Believe me,

You must believe me when I say,

That yours are the only words which I want floating around in my head,

That my smile will welcome yours with excitement,

That my eyes will see the good man that you are,

And the better one that you wish to become.


Believe me,

You must believe me.

Written by
©Ivie M. Eke 2017. 

Nail Polish.

Do you paint her nails,

Like you used to paint mine?

Tell me,

I want to know.

Are you straightforward with her,

As clear as a top coat?

Or are you vague and opaque

Like a deep hue from Sally Henson?

Are you fluid with your emotions with her,

Like a brand new nail polish?

Or are you tedious, brittle and dry,

Like a nail polish that wasn’t properly closed?

Are you just one colour with her,

An easygoing shade of beige?

Or do you radiate shades of black and blue,

Like you did with me?

Do you treat her with care,

Like freshly painted nails?

Or do you treat her with the afterthought of week-old polish,

The way you treated me?

Tell me,

I want to know.

Written by

©Ivie M. Eke 2017 

It Was Just A Crush.


In retrospect,

The jokes weren’t even that funny,

In fact, now that I think about them,

They were really just so corny.


Every utterance,

Every word that was spoken,

Seemed filled with light,

Able to heal what had been broken.


The slightest touch,

Seemed to awaken my senses,

And made me long for

The most wonderful circumstances.


An innocent glance,

Set my heartbeat in motion,

Making me wonder when it happened;

When did I sip from the love potion?


In the end,

It was all but a dream,

The feelings faded away,

And my heart sang a calming hymn.


©Ivie M. Eke 2016



I Look At You.


I look at you, my love,

And I see myself.


My desires.

My inadequacies.

My achievements.

My vulnerability.


I look at you, my love,

And I see you.


Your tenderness.

Your masculinity.

Your ambitions.

Your kindness.


I look at you, my love,

And I see our future.

Our worries.

Our offspring.

Our contentment.

Our fulfillment.


I look at you, my love,

And I see the icing on the cake,

The sweat cleaned off my brows,

The cruel whispers turned to dust,

The palpitations of my heart ceasing.


Finally resting,

With you, my love.


Written By

© Ivie M. Eke 2016.