Mini Story: ‘Goal!’.

Omonigho knew that if she wanted to ask her Husband for a favour, the best time to do so was on Saturday afternoon. She knew that she would find him in his favourite chair in the sitting room which faced the television at a perfect angle, wearing the glazed and perpetually weary expression of an... Continue Reading →


The stars in the sky cluster around you, seeking guidance. _____________________ They ask you, 'Kind Sir, How do you shine so bright? _____________________ How do we replicate The lovely luminance that radiates your essence from your brown eyes?' _____________________ Just like the tongue delights in sugar, you are eager to please others. _____________________ Like power... Continue Reading →

Making plans.

I am a big fan Of making concrete plans. _____________________ Nothing must be left to chance, So life doesn't get out of hand. _____________________ But like one on a fools errand, I ran around Aimlessly, hopelessly disarmed By your charm. _____________________ I tried to bury my head In the sand, _____________________ But my heart conspired... Continue Reading →

Short Story: The Party.

  ‘I am a Domestic Goddess’, I thought. Or at least…I knew how to play at being one. I admired the well-arranged sitting room in my boyfriend Soji’s flat. It looked luxurious with its cream curtains and brown and black furniture. It was located at Apo Quarters in Abuja and was one of my favourite... Continue Reading →


Say what you mean, Don't speak from The side of your mouth. _____________________ Look me in the eye During conversations, Don't look North or South. _____________________ Walk straight towards me, Rather than Zig-zagging, Dodging responsibilities And imaginary bullets. _____________________ Hold me close With both hands, Try your best not to Stab me in the back.... Continue Reading →

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