Living This Life.

This thing called life That is so full of strife, Do we hold on to knives, Or pull God close to our sides? Thunder and lightening assail us. Stress makes us want to Get on a bus To a place where we could Celebrate wins with no loss, A place that is safe, Where people... Continue Reading →


I recently stumbled upon a picture of myself from my days in the University in the early 2000s. What I saw was a beautiful young woman wearing black jeans and a top, posing awkwardly for one of the school’s numerous photographers. On the outside, I looked slim and beautiful. But I remember that I always... Continue Reading →

Pouring Like A Fountain.

I feel like I am bursting with creativity; it pours out of me like a fountain, I feel like I can achieve anything, and climb any mountain, I feel like I am full of so much joy, much more than you can imagine. I feel like running around the house, and opening up all the... Continue Reading →

This After That.

    There is sunshine after rain. There is joy after heartache. There is comfort after sorrow. There is toothpaste after bad breath. There is enlightenment after confusion. There is self-awareness after cluelessness. There is buoyancy after deflation. There is alignment after disparity. There is progress after stagnation. There is fact after fiction. There is... Continue Reading →

The Cracks Tell A Story.

If you looked at me very closely, You would probably still see some cracks, But they signify all that I have gained, Rather than anything which one might think I lack.   I have experienced some situations, Which left me broken into several pieces, The pieces were like a dropped magic lamp, No longer able... Continue Reading →

Musings of a KWF (Kanye West Fan).

I have been a Kanye West fan since I heard and watched the video of his song called 'Through The Wire' which was released back in 2004 (you can watch the video here: Kanye West-Through The Wire. ). Despite my concerns about his recent behaviour and utterances, I will choose to dwell on his positive... Continue Reading →

Being Nigerian: 3 Random Thoughts.

  Poor Customer Service (bank edition). Let me set the scene for you. You walk into a bank and make a beeline for the Customer Services desk. You meet a lady seated there; she is typing and staring at the screen of her computer. 'Good Morning', you say. 'Good Morning', she replies; her eyes never... Continue Reading →

Daydreams: Valentine’s Day and Combat Boots.

  When I’m not too busy during the day, I often while away time by daydreaming. Sometimes I think about deep and meaningful things, like   • When will Nigeria be great again? • What will I eat for dinner? • How can I improve myself? • When will NEPA bring the 'light'? • Will... Continue Reading →

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