Monday Mornings.

Monday Morning appears without warning, my energy's wavering, my guts assail me. but I alight guided by the light, turning plights into insight, my insides flutter but there's no longer a weight on my shoulders I'm bolder no longer in that mental area of defeatist criteria Monday's are now like ants under my feet: they... Continue Reading →

Hidden Smile.

I don't know where it came from, The disillusion, hot like the sun. Sometimes it's hard to fathom Our whys and our mission, But I miss being on board With every good thing and not being forlorn. I'm just trying to keep warm From cold thoughts, And enjoy being on this Earthly kingdom. I want... Continue Reading →


I live my life like it's mine. I make choices trying to satisfy My vision of how to fly In the face of adversity, How to cry When I can no longer Hold it in. Circumstances beckon, Derailing planned paths. I reckon I can only Leave things to God's plan. I would love to be... Continue Reading →


It's no mean feat to let your heart beat a little, maybe even skip a little. It's not a sign of defeat when you let your feet wander off known paths, seeking the sweet instead of the mundane, looking for well-lit streets, rather than what's dark and plain. Your calloused heart will later tell tentative... Continue Reading →


I am a rose in a soulless garden,And I battle against the mindset of the downtrodden. It is easy to slip and fall into despair,Where things are deceptively calm and insincere. Like the steady hum of your neighbour's generator,The inner darkness feels normal, like it belongs there. Dark thoughts cast shadows in the light,They delight... Continue Reading →

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