Poem: All Alone.

Our Love was empty, and devoid of hope. _____________________ It lacked intrigue, Like traveling on A straight road. _____________________ In my heart Was a hole; I wrongly thought Your love could Make me whole. _____________________ Darkness was my Sweet abode, As I deliriously Waited For you to come home. _____________________ But. Even as you Held... Continue Reading →

Poem: Write Now.

  Write often, Write now, So the world will know What you are about. ๐Ÿ“ Write slowly, Write fast, Write the thoughts That you cannot say with your mouth. ๐Ÿ“ Right now, The world might Bring you down, But do not fret, Just write now. ๐Ÿ“ Write, so that the pain subsides, Write, so that... Continue Reading →


  The looking inwards for oneโ€™s self. The opening of mental doors which were formerly shut. The looking for answers inside dark corners. Hidden corners. The hidden laughter and subdued tears. The conversations with God. The learning about oneโ€™s true self. The surprise and the disappointment. The struggle to understand and the acceptance. The discovery... Continue Reading →

It Was Just A Crush.

  In retrospect, The jokes weren't even that funny, In fact, now that I think about them, They were really just so corny.   Every utterance, Every word that was spoken, Seemed filled with light, Able to heal what had been broken.   The slightest touch, Seemed to awaken my senses, And made me long... Continue Reading →

Pouring Like A Fountain.

I feel like I am bursting with creativity; it pours out of me like a fountain, I feel like I can achieve anything, and climb any mountain, I feel like I am full of so much joy, much more than you can imagine. I feel like running around the house, and opening up all the... Continue Reading →

I Love Music: The Usher Raymond Edition.

  Usher Raymond (popularly known simply as Usher) is an American RnB singer and all round entertainer.   I believe the first song of his which I ever heard was 'U make me wanna' way back in 1997 or 1998 (my memory is quite fuzzy). When I watch that music video now, I am struck... Continue Reading →

You Are My Dream.

  You are a dream, Loitering in my subconscious, Floating, Waiting, For me to awaken, When I would be filled with fleeting contentment.   I want to admire you from afar, To dwell in your mystery, To ponder on the unknown.   I do not want to come too close, No, I will keep my... Continue Reading →

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