Poem: When I Write.

When I write My soul ignites, And I burst Into flames, As the words call out My name. _____________________ Every emotion Is an opportunity, To design a world Not currently existing. _____________________ To write to my heart's delight, To bleed words with all of my might. _____________________ No heartbreak is off limits, No love is... Continue Reading →

Poem: If Only…

If you would just glance at me... If you really looked, You would see, _____________________ That my love for you Is keen And evergreen, The kind of love that would Forgive your past sins. _____________________ My love Would drench you, Like waves in the sea, _____________________ It would be full of candor And sweet melodies.... Continue Reading →

Poem: Why?

‘Why can’t you be like other women?’ ‘Why can’t you smile more?’ ‘Why do you think so much of yourself?’ ‘Why won’t you throw your worth on the floor?’ _____________________ Why? Why? Why? _____________________ His ‘whys’ Shriveled up My insides, and Dried up the garden Between my thighs. _____________________ The ‘whys’ sounded like the whines... Continue Reading →

Poem: They Tried.

They tried hard to Take me away, To that dark place Where I would Only feel pain, _____________________ Where my potential Could be curtailed, Where I would never see The light of day. _____________________ But I resisted their Evil advances, And I Took no chances; _____________________ I changed my circumstances, I sidestepped The furious glances.... Continue Reading →

Poem: What You Are.

You are lovely. _____________________ Lovely like Early morning Sunshine Streaming through my curtains. _____________________ Lovely like The aroma of Jollof Rice with Well-fried plantains. _____________________ Heaven is Me in your arms, Safe, Away from a world That wishes me harm. _____________________ You are Sweeter than honey, Your kisses are always Right on the money. _____________________... Continue Reading →

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