The joy of a new notebook.

The joy of a new notebook 😍 Even though I have been writing to share online for over 5 years, my heart still skips a beat when I go through my notebook stash to pick out a new one. It symbolizes new beginnings, more opportunities to be creative and pure joy. I am currently on... Continue Reading →

My notebook collection.

  ...well, most of my notebooks!   My favourite places to buy notebooks from in Nigeria are Miniso, ASOS (they stock a nice variety and they deliver to Nigeria) and department stores like H-Medix. If you spot a notebook you like in Miniso, just grab it immediately as you might never find that particular one... Continue Reading →

Random Fact No. 1: I Love Notebooks.

  Random Fact No. 1: I Love Notebooks 😍 I actually have a box of notebooks (yes, a box). I was at the Miniso store at Jabi Lake Mall last week and I stared longingly at their notebook section...but surprisingly, my willpower prevailed. Did I buy a new notebook? No. Did I buy some pens... Continue Reading →

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