Short Story: The Chairman’s Wife (Part 2).

(Read part 1 here). The Chairman’s Wife: Part Two. ‘Hi’. ‘Hi’. He cleared his throat. ‘So…you’re my Boss’s wife? I guess I should call you Madam?’ Enahire sounded petulant to his own ears, but he couldn’t seem to help himself. He suddenly realized that he was sweating under his white Polo neck tshirt. Rolake smiled.... Continue Reading →

Short Story: The Chairman’s Wife (Part 1).

The Chairman’s Wife: Part One. Enahire was not a man who was easily surprised. In his 35 years on earth, he had witnessed his father kicking his mother out of their family home, experienced racist abuse as a postgraduate student in London, and had been in a car accident which had almost cost him his... Continue Reading →

#Repost Series: A Day In The Life Of A Nigerian With Trust Issues.

  It's Monday morning.   You wake up with a smug smile on your face. There is artificial darkness all around you as NEPA has kept the electricity to itself. This fact does not dampen your mood as you had already ironed clothes for the week two days ago.   You go to the bathroom and open... Continue Reading →

Ivie’s Musings: A Library Checklist.

Hey! I wrote my third book last year at the Library at Yaradua Centre in Abuja. I've had some time to think about my experience using the Library, and I've made a Checklist of requirements. This list includes going with your own bottle of hand sanitizer, and your earphones. Please read the list here. 🙏🏾

Random Fact No. 4: Organizing 👍🏾 Ironing 👎🏾

  Random Fact No. 4: Organizing 👍🏾 Ironing 👎🏾 I'll do pretty much any household chore within minutes, and I really enjoy organizing things to look aesthetically pleasing. However, I find ironing to be the most boring task which I do very very slowly. P.S When I was in secondary school (JSS2 to be precise),... Continue Reading →

Everyone Has Secrets…

Imade has several secrets which she is yet to share with Chibuzor. _____________________ Chibuzor has some secrets of his own, and he has avoided introducing Imade to his family until it was absolutely necessary to do so. _____________________ Half-truths, secrets and lies of omission have shrouded their courtship. _____________________ Imade and Chibuzor are engaged, and... Continue Reading →

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