3 Things (3).

1.Before now, it was the case that once there's a power cut in my area (#Nigeria), generators would be switched on instantly and their melodic sounds would assault those far and near. Now…there is almost always absolute silence. We're just chilling in the darkness, being fed up. 2021 🤝🏾 constant power failure in Nigeria. 2. I've... Continue Reading →

What do I write about?

What do I write about? Hmm. It's been a weird couple of weeks. I feel…not quite like myself. I feel tired but also restless, motivated but also lethargic.I get myself ready to write (bring out pen and notebook, sit on the floor, have a Youtube video playing in the background) and…nothing. I seem to have... Continue Reading →

New week, new book.

-I have picked up my pen several times in the last week to write…something…anything…but words have failed me. -I hope you are all fine and protecting your mental health. I've started reading this book (Normal People by Sally Rooney) which I bought from @rovingheights a short while ago but had been unable to focus on... Continue Reading →

5 Things I Have Learned From the #ENDSARS Protests in Nigeria.

5 Things I Have Learned From the #ENDSARS Protests in Nigeria. Nigerian Twitter is not only a place for positive vibes and humour; it is a force for social consciousness.The negative impact of SARS in Nigeria is much worse than I had ever imagined it to be.Nigerians-in particular, Nigerian youth-have always been outspoken about injustice;... Continue Reading →

Short Story: The Party.

  ‘I am a Domestic Goddess’, I thought. Or at least…I knew how to play at being one. I admired the well-arranged sitting room in my boyfriend Soji’s flat. It looked luxurious with its cream curtains and brown and black furniture. It was located at Apo Quarters in Abuja and was one of my favourite... Continue Reading →

Short Story: A Piece of Meat.

  Being an Accountant fueled Ifueko’s suspicious nature.   Every figure in each spreadsheet had a place, and every pen on her desk was arranged meticulously in colour order: red, blue, black.   She loved order and was a creature of habit, and so when she walked into her pristine kitchen that Saturday morning, she... Continue Reading →

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