Ivie’s Musings: Friends for a lifetime-or just a few months.

Hey, everyone! In my latest newsletter, I talk about lessons I've learned about friendships. I've learned that friendships do not have to last forever. A person could have a positive impact on you for a few months and, due to circumstances, suddenly stop being a part of your life. This is okay. For more friendship... Continue Reading →

Ivie’s Musings: Online Shopping In Nigeria.

Do you enjoy being annoyed? Do you long to be spoken to in a patronizing tone by a retailer’s Customer Service staff? Are you a glutton for punishment? Then I have good news for you: You should try shopping from online retailers in Nigeria! Based on my own experiences, here are 5 lessons I’ve learned... Continue Reading →

Ivie’s Musings: Don’t Walk Like A Cockroach.

Hey, Everyone!   My email newsletter, 'Ivie's Musings' allows me to write about my random thoughts which are separate from my poems and short stories 😊   In this month's letter, I talk about confidence and why you should (or shouldn't) walk like a cockroach 😄 You can read it here.   Please subscribe, and... Continue Reading →

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