I Love Music: The Whitney Houston Edition.

1. Whitney Houston will always live on as an RnB music legend. ________________ 2. Her vocal range, especially at the peak of her career, was mind-blowing. ________________ 3. She struck me as someone who had a sense of humour. ________________ 4. I loved her in ‘The Bodyguard’; she played the part of a demanding MusicDiva... Continue Reading →

I Love Music: The Rihanna Edition.

3 Reasons Why I'm a Rihanna Fan: 1. Rihanna's first album, 'Music of the sun' was released in 2005, and since then, I feel that she has not only grown as an artist, she has demonstrated that she is comfortable with her own interpretation of her musical talent, and is not restricted by people's opinions... Continue Reading →

I Love Music: The Akon Edition.

  Akon is an American singer of Senegalese descent whose music was very popular in the mid-to-late 2000s. I believe that the very first song of his I heard was 'Locked Up', and I was captivated by his unique vocals and musical style.   I haven't heard much from him music-wise in recent years, but... Continue Reading →

I Love Music: The Joe Thomas Edition.

3 Reasons Why I'm A Joe Fan: 1. His voice: Pure RnB vocals, like melted butter, chocolate and honey mixed together  (now I'm hungry). 2. His songs: Romantic and mellow music suitable for baby-making projects. 3. His cover of Adele's 'Hello' is my favourite of the covers I've heard. My favourite Joe songs: I wanna... Continue Reading →

I Love Music: The Drake Edition.

5 Reasons Why I'm A Drake  Fan. 1. Drake is a very handsome man. I thought it would be best if I just stated the obvious right away. 2. He is a talented lyricist who delivers great rap over catchy beats. He's not a bad singer either. 3. He seems to have a lot of... Continue Reading →

I Love Music: The Busta Rhymes Edition.

(Photos: Wikipedia). Every time I spot Busta Rhymes in a music video, I smile because I anticipate his goofiness mixed in with the expected tough-guy hip hop demeanor. 5 Reasons Why I am a Busta Rhymes fan: Hip Hop music is typically aggressive and 'macho' in nature, and this is often reflected in the genre’s... Continue Reading →

I Love Music: The Janet Jackson Edition.

Janet Jackson's music is like comfort food; you go back to it when you're bored with what is trendy, and you want to experience what is uplifting and what you are certain you will enjoy. I have enjoyed Janet Jackson's music throughout my lifetime and I have come to appreciate her relevance as a ground-breaking... Continue Reading →

Poem: RnB Music.

  The determined innuendo of Ginuwine's 'Pony' song,   The soundtracks of movies which featured Nia Long.   The way Teddy Pendegrass' soul dripped from his tongue,   The excessive vocals which Sisqo dedicated to thongs.   The lyrics Lauryn Hill shared about her loves that went wrong,   The melody of Maxwell's 'Lifetime' gives... Continue Reading →

I Love Music: The Mary J. Blige Edition.

      Mary J. Blige is an American RnB singer whose first albulm, 'What's The 411?' was released in 1992.   5 Reasons Why I'm A Mary J. Blige Fan: Her vocals are top-notch and could put you in either an upbeat mood or a melancholy state of mind (which are quintisential effects of... Continue Reading →

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