Poem: I Will Flourish.

The delicate dictates That my mind now makes, _____________________ Has led to a journey of self-love That feels guided by the stars above. _____________________ The sweet release From the mental chains of misery, The opening of doors Once closed within me, _____________________ The sunshine is now brighter, My internet connection seems faster, The day is... Continue Reading →

You Are A Nation.

  You are a nation, You owe them no explanation.   You must continue to defy expectations. You must fly above your perceived limitations. You must dress like each day's a special occasion. You must forget about your past humiliations. You must weather out your storms and your frustrations. You must be diligent, dodging bad... Continue Reading →

My Body: From Acquaintances To Friends.

 This body of mine. You have been with me My whole life, And yet... I feel like I barely know you. I have never looked at you With love, Only with discomfort, Burdened by the perceptions of others, And the knowledge of your imperfections. Let's be friends, Dear body. Have some water. Eat some fruits.... Continue Reading →

Fly Through Your Clouds.

I have always admired people who seem to have unending reserves of energy and drive. They seem to have an internal motivation switch which is permanently set to the 'on' position.   'How do they do this?' I often asked myself.   I have now realized that the moment I stop expecting my walk through... Continue Reading →

Fully-Formed Cake.

    I am a fully-formed cake. I have been whisked and beaten. I have been placed in the hot oven, and I emerged victorious. I exude a decadent aroma. I am a delight to taste. I am whole. Be the icing on my cake, And we will uplift one another. Be gone from me,... Continue Reading →

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