Mini Story: ‘Goal!’.

Omonigho knew that if she wanted to ask her Husband for a favour, the best time to do so was on Saturday afternoon. She knew that she would find him in his favourite chair in the sitting room which faced the television at a perfect angle, wearing the glazed and perpetually weary expression of an... Continue Reading →

Short Story: A Piece of Meat.

  Being an Accountant fueled Ifueko’s suspicious nature.   Every figure in each spreadsheet had a place, and every pen on her desk was arranged meticulously in colour order: red, blue, black.   She loved order and was a creature of habit, and so when she walked into her pristine kitchen that Saturday morning, she... Continue Reading →

Short Story on The Naked Convos: Baby Fever.

  Hi Everyone 🖐🏾   My latest short story, 'Baby Fever' is now up on; you can read it here A young woman is caught up in her parents' marital issues. Will returning home help the situation or make it worse?   Please read, leave your comments and share 😊👌🏾   Thank you! Ivie.

‘Us’ by David Nicholls. (Book Love Day).

I'm currently re-reading my stash of books. 'Us' by David Nicholls is a novel about a man whose wife wants to end their marriage, whose son doesn't like him and a family vacation supposed to solve all their problems. A very funny but sad book -I love it!   I hope you have a great... Continue Reading →

‘Bridal Shower’, a short story for The Naked Convos.

Tonia has organized a bridal shower for her friend, Asandia. The day seems to be going smoothly, but things are not always what they appear to be.   Please enjoy my short story for The Naked Convos, which you can read here.   Don' forget to leave your comments and share after reading 💋  ... Continue Reading →

When You Wake Up (Part 4).

Ameh watched Muri from the corner of her eye; she observed that his face was in 'sincere mode' as he listened with rapt attention to what Dr. Okonta, their marriage counselor, was saying. She thought about reaching out to pinch his neck, just to see if his expression would change. It didn't seem like the... Continue Reading →

When You Wake Up (Part 3).

Read Part 1 Here! Read Part 2 Here! The next Monday, Muri walked into Evergreen restaurant during his lunch break; it was 12.30pm. He was dreading this meeting, but it was long-overdue. He took responsibility for his part in the potential breakdown of his marriage, and he knew that if he didn't want to lose... Continue Reading →

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