It's no mean feat to let your heart beat a little, maybe even skip a little. It's not a sign of defeat when you let your feet wander off known paths, seeking the sweet instead of the mundane, looking for well-lit streets, rather than what's dark and plain. Your calloused heart will later tell tentative... Continue Reading →


  He says he wants to worship at my feet. _____________________ I say I am a mere mortal, the sum of life's victories and defeats. _____________________ He says that my forehead radiates the sun; that there no one who has enchanted him so sweetly and completely. _____________________ The casual garments that I put on are... Continue Reading →


Imagine If I loved you... You would walk On the moon, Constantly float around Whilst whistling obscure tunes. _____________________ Your smile would Light up the world, Like the Sun at Noon. The despair For which You always seemed To prepare for, _____________________ Would be lifted From your chest, The rest Of your unrest Would vanish... Continue Reading →

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