You owe God Your everything, Your inner world, Your entire being. _____________________ You owe the warmth of the Sun Your upturned face, Its grace In times of distress Giving you solace. _____________________ You owe your family Love and consideration, _____________________ You owe friends Hugs and a listening ear Whenever they want one. _____________________ You owe... Continue Reading →

Poem: They say.

  They say You can't speak boldly about pain, When you eat three square meals Each day. _____________________ There are apparent gradients To internal decay: Senior suffering And junior heartache. _____________________ Do you dab at your tears In a dainty way, Or let them fall untethered Like bombs from a plane? _____________________ Let no one... Continue Reading →

Poem: Hidden Joy.

Worrying is fruitless. To win, You must lose it. When it finds you, Depart from it, It’s empty and useless. _____________________ Living is ruthless. Daytime stress And night sweat, Accomplishments And regrets, Assault all of our senses. _____________________ A disaster Or a fine mess, Life has many Hidden joys in it, Even when troubles Seem... Continue Reading →

Poem: Doing Our Best.

We all want to do our best, And shield our heads From the rain. _____________________ But the only way to the Kingdom is death, Even as we try to live A life with no pain. _____________________ We add sweat to our brows, Blood on our hands, Push air from our lungs, But what would be... Continue Reading →

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