There she goes again, Walking around on her bare feet. The sound of her footsteps Drown out the murmurs and the loud stares.     'Who is this weird and strange creature? Look at the glitter in her footprints! See how her path is illuminated in the darkness!'     She paid them no heed.... Continue Reading →

Who Told You?

Who told you? Who told you that you cannot be a super star? Who told you that your name cannot be celebrated both near and far? Who told you that your dream door should only be ajar? Who told you that your beauty would be marred by previous scars? Who told you? Who told you... Continue Reading →

It Wouldn’t Be A Disaster.

When you are lost In the forest, Wandering around in the darkness, Not seeing your next footstep.   When your hand is empty, Away from their grip, A grip which seemed comforting at first, But which you now realize was limp.   When your tears flow freely, Like a faulty tap. With the fog in... Continue Reading →

Writing Your Feelings.

  A writer who is depressed.   A writer struggling with personal issues.   A writer trying to find some meaning in this world.   Do these sound familiar?   I can relate to all of the above issues. The writing process for me serves several purposes: it gives my life a focus, it conjours... Continue Reading →

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