Mini Story: ‘Goal!’.

Omonigho knew that if she wanted to ask her Husband for a favour, the best time to do so was on Saturday afternoon. She knew that she would find him in his favourite chair in the sitting room which faced the television at a perfect angle, wearing the glazed and perpetually weary expression of an... Continue Reading →

9 Lessons I’ve Learned From British Television.

  Hey, Everyone!     I grew up in Lagos, Nigeria in the 1980s and the local TV station (NTA 2 Channel 5!) aired a lot of British TV shows alongside indegenous shows, so I have a great fondness for British Television!     Please click here to read 9 lessons which I have learned... Continue Reading →

Short Story: Kama Sutra.

'Arghhhhhhh!' There was a thud as he landed on the floor. She rolled her eyes and stifled her laughter. 'My back!' He groaned. 'Hmmm, sorry dear. Are you alright?' She tried to infuse as much concern into her voice as she could. She sat up, pulling the bed covers over her bare chest. 'No, I'm... Continue Reading →

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