It's easy To fall in love With me, _____________________ Like remembering your a, b, c's or 1, 2, 3's. _____________________ The ecstasy you feel At the sight of me, Is like a basic principle That you are able To process Without any trouble. _____________________ It's easy, You see, When you take My hand in yours,... Continue Reading →

Poem: Cracked.

A cracked heart Still beats, Irregular rhythms; No small feat. _____________________ Fatal attractions, Empty distractions. _____________________ Baby steps To try again, Ego battered; Doubt sets in. _____________________ Can lost love Be found In new arms This time around? _____________________ Self-preservation, Questions asked: Heart or head? Which should prevail For the journey ahead? _____________________ Written by... Continue Reading →

Poem: Signals.

I wove the flag: Left and right, Right and left. But his eyes weren’t focused on me; My shoulders slumped in defeat. _____________________ I batted my eyelashes: Up and down, Down and up. But my efforts, he didn’t entertain; All my gestures were in vain. _____________________ I suddenly became a Philosopher, Pondering life’s lessons, My... Continue Reading →

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