Hey, everyone!   Do you play Candy Crush?   Do you feel like you have wasted your life on this game with nothing to show for it?   Say no more!   I wrote an article on the Genevieve Magazine Nigeria which could be helpful (or unhelpful) to you: An unserious guide for... Continue Reading →

3 Birthday Phases I Have Passed Through In My Life.

    Hey, everyone!   How do you feel when your birthday approaches: excited? terrified? or indifferent?   I recently wrote a piece for the Genevieve Magazine Nigeria website about 3 birthday phases I have passed through in my life.   Kindly click on the link above to read the article.   What birthday phases... Continue Reading →

5 Items A Nigerian Woman Must Have In Her Hand Bag.

    Hey, everyone! As a Nigerian woman, I always make sure I carry some essential items in my hand bag whenever I leave the house. I wrote an article for Genevieve Magazine Nigeria about this, which you can read here! Please don't forget to share the article with your followers on social media. Happy... Continue Reading →

Bloody Pains And Menstrual Cycles.

  Hey Everyone! Aren't menstrual periods just the best things ever? (I can feel all the women reading this post giving me the side-eye!). I wrote an article for Genevieve Magazine Nigeria about the wonderful experience that is the menstruation period. You can read it over here: Bloody Pains And Menstrual Cycles. I hope you... Continue Reading →

Household Chores: Making A Mess Of Being Tidy.

Hey everyone! I don't know about you, but I have a love-hate relationship with household chores. I know people who really love cleaning-and I know others who would cheerfully wallow in their own filth. To each their own, I say. Please read my article about this on the Genevieve Magazine website. Let me know if... Continue Reading →

Of Diamond Rings And Fuel Queues (Part 5).

Hey everyone! The final part of the short story series is now on the Geneveive Magazine Nigeria website-Please read! You can still catch up with the earlier parts of the story by clicking on the links on this blog or on their website. This experience has been wonderful, and I'm working on more stuff which... Continue Reading →

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