#Repost Series: What Christmas Means To Me.

Christmas is waiting. It is waiting to get that email from Human Resources telling me that the Christmas break will be from this date and end on that date. It is an expectant feeling, where I try to draw the line between being a hardworking staff and an easily distracted person who asks myself, ‘has... Continue Reading →

Short Story on The Naked Convos: Baby Fever.

  Hi Everyone 🖐🏾   My latest short story, 'Baby Fever' is now up on thenakedconvos.com; you can read it here A young woman is caught up in her parents' marital issues. Will returning home help the situation or make it worse?   Please read, leave your comments and share 😊👌🏾   Thank you! Ivie.

‘Sister, Sister’, a story for The Naked Convos.

I wrote a short story for The Naked Convos as part of their 'Christmas At The Johnson's' series.   Chief Johnson has invited his family members to spend a weekend with him during the Christmas holiday. None of them know why they have been summoned, and the story of how the weekend progresses is told... Continue Reading →

Family: Different Shapes, Same Values.

  Hey, Everyone!   I recently wrote a post for The Naked Convos about what family means to me.   You can read it over here.   Please don't forget to share, like and leave your comments after reading.   Thank you!   P.S I am working on something which I hope to share with... Continue Reading →

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