Things I Love…My Books.

I recently received a draft Author copy of 'Colour Me Coral', my most recent book and I must tell you, it's an amazing feeling to hold a hardcopy of your book in your hands. When I started in 2015, I had no game plan. I had ideas and feelings that I wanted to express,... Continue Reading →

Some book sales maths…

Mathematics, my favourite subject...okay, that's not true ๐Ÿ˜‚ But as a self-published Author, I find myself tapping out figures on my phone's calculator whilst frowning and shaking my head at the results. When you buy a self-published Author's booksย on platforms like Amazon and Okada Books, do you know that the Author doesn't earn the amount... Continue Reading →

Fruits of my creative efforts…

  I am not a motivational speaker...but I do have something I feel someone out there needs to hear: if you wait for perfect conditions before you pursue your passion, you will achieve nothing. _____________________ The three books which I have written are not perfect, but they are proof that I tried/I am trying, and... Continue Reading →

Dirt in the Dust by Ivie M. Eke (Audio Review)

Hey Everyone!   The good people at Literary Everything reviewed my book, 'Dirt In The Dust'.   You can listen to their audio review below. It's a wonderful thing when complete strangers read your work and enjoy it.   I hope you have a great day ahead   Ivie.   via Dirt in the Dust... Continue Reading →

‘Dirt In The Dust’, now in paperback!

Imade and Chibuzor's relationship can withstand the truth and nothing but the truth...or can it?   Hey, Everyone! 'Dirt In The Dust' is now available in hardcopy on Amazon ๐Ÿ’ƒ๐Ÿพ You can get yours here.   Amazon ships globally, so I'm certain that you can buy a copy wherever you are in the world.  ... Continue Reading →

Everyone Has Secrets…

Imade has several secrets which she is yet to share with Chibuzor. _____________________ Chibuzor has some secrets of his own, and he has avoided introducing Imade to his family until it was absolutely necessary to do so. _____________________ Half-truths, secrets and lies of omission have shrouded their courtship. _____________________ Imade and Chibuzor are engaged, and... Continue Reading →

Interview with The Spoken World podcast.

I was interviewed recently by The Spoken World podcast about my book, Dirt In The Dust' and my writing experience in general.   Please listen to the episode here.   My interview is the second on the episode, so just scroll to the 18 minute mark if you're in a hurry ๐Ÿ™‚   Please leave... Continue Reading →

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