Short Story: The Party.

  ‘I am a Domestic Goddess’, I thought. Or at least…I knew how to play at being one. I admired the well-arranged sitting room in my boyfriend Soji’s flat. It looked luxurious with its cream curtains and brown and black furniture. It was located at Apo Quarters in Abuja and was one of my favourite... Continue Reading →

Poem:Just Once.

  Just once... _____________________ I want to be More than a woman. _____________________ A woman Who is treated kindly, _____________________ With elevated effort And Above average Consideration. _____________________ Just once... _____________________ The initial idolatry Should not be replaced by 'Ugh, stop stressing me'. _____________________ Because I dare to ask For _____________________ Quality over mediocrity, Respect... Continue Reading →

Poem: A Heart’s Promise.

Promise to be more discerning. Promise to love more gently. Promise to forgive easily. _____________________ Promise, dear heart, To love like A good movie: _____________________ Build anticipation, Elicit smiles, _____________________ Trigger the desire for more, Over and over again. _____________________ Written by Ivie M. Eke 2019.

Poem: Press ‘Send’.

Angry typing, Heavy words. Acerbic emotions, Like sharpened swords. _____________________ Write the absolute truth, Then delete. Sugarcoat the truth: Make it bittersweet. _____________________ Time to press ‘send’; Your finger hovers. Sudden palpitations About losing your Lover. _____________________ You read and reread, You feel nothing but dread. But the words need to be said, So you... Continue Reading →

Poem: Talk to me.

Can we talk? About how you make me feel? _____________________ Can we walk? With the sand caressing our feet? _____________________ I want what you want: _____________________ Love that is thoughtful though flawed, _____________________ Love that is charming without causing harm. _____________________ Let our walk take us where Love is free with no restraints, _____________________ Where... Continue Reading →

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